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Birgit Winterman

future of work

Birgit Wintermann has been working on harmonisation of work and private life since 2006. She developed the Seal of Quality for Family-friendly Employers and also worked on the INQA Audit of Sustainable Company Cultures. This qualified lawyer is now working on the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Future of Work project with a particular focus on Harmonisation 4.0, and digital transformation in the business sector and its legal implications.

Alexander Hachmann

designer and business psychologist

Alexander J. Hachmann (https://wahnsinn.design/alex/), designer and business psychologist, is managing partner at Wahnsinn Design GmbH – designing software for humankind. He is active in a number of organizations, including as an advisory council member of the innovation club AiF F·T·K (Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen – Forschung · Technik · Kommunikation GmbH) and has been active for many years as lecturer for media psychology, and decision-oriented management in Cologne, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Cornelia Daheim

foresight experts

Cornelia Daheim is a foresight expert and the founder of Future Impacts. Future Impacts realizes foresight projects for organizations and companies on foresight and innovation topics. Cornelia has worked extensively on the topics of New Work, societal implications of rapidly changing technology, and inducing innovation through co-creation and novel team structures. She is the chair of the futures circle of the national German foresight process by the German Ministry BMBF, and author of e.g. the study „The Future of Work 2050 – 3 Scenarios“.

Marc Müller-Stoffels

technology expert, innovation manager and futurist

Marc Müller-Stoffels is a technology expert, innovation manager and futurist. Marc has experience in fields from AI-software development, climate model research and nonlinear physics, to hardware and software development for the energy industry. He is the founder and CEO of denamics GmbH.

Eva Zils

HR Blogger

Eva Zils (https://www.online-recruiting.net/) is a trilingual HR Blogger since 2007. Her writing focus is on HR Tech, Job boards, Startups and Mindfulness. She has initiated and hosted the first worldwide HR Hackathon, the event, where HR and tech people build new HR software together. Her latest activities include the creation of video content which she distributes to her networks.

Florence Remy

freelance HR Consultant

Florence is a freelance consultant, she helps building collaborative, learning and customer centric teams in companies.
She uses various ideation methods (team leadership, design thinking, CPS, etc…), allowing tailor-made collaborations according to each need.
Florence enables companies to develop a creative and collective project, to initiate a dynamic that creates strong value (product or service proposition) and a deep impact (HR / teams & individuals)

Virginie Athias

Digital transformation consultant

Digital transformation consultant, business angel, former banker and digital mum mother of 3 digital kids : I will be glad to help you dealing with UX, business model and business plan issues

Yan-Erik Decorde

Yan-Erik is an entrepreneur, speaker and coach, engaged in the movement of exponential transformation of organizations.

His learning journey explores mathematics, business, mental preparation techniques, hypnosis and meditation, methods of social innovation and emergence such as Theory U, radical innovation, exponential thinking, and organizational transformation.

He has been working internationally for 20 years and has dedicated the last 10 years to support teams in exponential innovation for financial, industrial, corporate and start-up groups. Its mission is to acculturate the leaders and their teams to the exponential model then to accompany them towards the change, the adaptation to their future.

„My favorite moment is when the system reveals its true complexity and the teams become aware of the future that emerges from it.“

Jean-Luc Vey

Innovation & Digitalisation Expert, Community Manager and Diversity Expert

Jean-Luc Vey is working in the field of innovation management from more than 10 years within the Deutsche Bank. He is currently working in the Digital Factory of the Deutsche Bank, where he is responsible of community management and for interns and trainees. He is also active for the last 20 years in the field of Diversity Management as co-founder and former head of db Pride, the LGBT Network of the Deutsche Bank. He is also, since 2013, the cofounder and board-member of the PROUT AT WORK Foundation which works for equal opportunities for LGBT at the workplace in Germany (www.proutatwork.de)

Pasquine Constant

Pasquine Constant has 20 years of experience working in digital marketing and communication.
Highly creative, She is passionate about emerging digital trends and technologies.
She loves collaborative work and to energize people for innovative initiatives.

Her expertise lies in digital transformation, international project management, where she created and tested many new business opportunities and optimized existing systems in B2C and B2B environments.
Key competencies: Team leadership, network development, ebusiness, digital strategy, new business model development, organizing learning courses, digital marketing and communication.

Antoine Parmentier

Institutional and international relations, business strategy, innovation, transverse project management, deeptech

As an experienced professional in international marketing, institutional relations, and business development in B to B industrial and high-tech environments, I specialize in promoting the company, its products, missions, and image to external and internal stakeholders through networks and communication actions.
An expert at external and public relations management with institutions, public organizations, companies, and elected officials in innovative environments, I am also a transverse thinker with a strategic mindset and a wide range of interests in all facets of innovation.

MBA in international Business, MA in diplomacy and international relations (Seton Hall, USA), BA in Law (Strasbourg University), executive training at HEC Paris.

Veronique Campilo

Véronique has been coaching with Theory U for many years now. She is convinced that the world we see reflects our inner world and that change begins by changing our self. She has been a translator, publisher and yoga teacher. She practises coaching and training for change leaders in order to change the narrative and help make a better world.